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About mojosphere

trying to figure out which direction to take for your career or other areas of your life?

At last, you've arrived at the place you were meant to be.  Here, you'll gain clarity, focus, and direction.  Here, you'll find a partner to keep you moving forward towards your goals.  Here, you'll rediscover – and feed your mojo.

mojo: where strength meets spirit

When the talents and gifts you possess intersect with what lights you up, that's when your mojo comes alive.  When your mojo is alive and well, the life you've dreamed of becomes the life you live every day.  Everyone has mojo, though everyone’s mojo is different.  Mojo is the true, authentic, uniqueness of you.  When your talents and passions unite…that is mojo. 

when you uncover your mojo, you arrive at the place where excitement, exhilaration, energy and joy bubble up.

Mojo is the ideal blend of magic and childlike discovery; the realization of what is truly meaningful and fulfilling. Mojo is the place where you are so captivated in the moment that time ceases to exist. Mojo is contentment and peace, exhilaration and joy. And when your mojo comes to life, you know it. You feel it. When it’s missing, you long for it.  You crave it.

the secret to discovering your mojo

Here in the mojosphere, we guide you to the place where your mojo resides within you, empowering you to live fully and creatively, calling forth your mojo to enhance your life every single day.

within the mojosphere, we speak a language that supports a life of fulfillment. here's your key to all things mojo...

  • mojo [moh-joh] (n) A natural quality that every person possesses. Where strength meets spirit; respect meets irreverence; convention meets creativity; performance meets panache; knowledge meets wisdom; and discipline meets play. See also, Your Awesomeness.
  • mojo:101 [moh-joh wuhn-oh-wuhn] (n) A stimulating, inspiring combination of coaching, group interaction and independent study geared toward helping you if you're a teen or young adult eager to discover your mojo and plan your life direction.
  • mojo central [moh-joh sen-truhl]/ (n) A secure e-mail gathering spot for interactive discussion within the mojo learning community.
  • mojo convo [moh-joh kon-voh]/ (n) A no-charge, no-obligation ½ hour telephone conversation in which you learn the opportunities and exciting changes that await you with the guidance of Mojo Associates. See also, Contact Us.
  • mojo dojo [moh-joh doh-joh]/ (n) An encyclopedic online resource center offering audio/video clips, recommendations, article links and more for individual learning and practice. Also, log-in central to enter the domain of your class portal or group coaching program.
  • mojo maps  [moh-joh maps]/ (n) Individual action plans to help keep you focused and on-track. Syn. Your best friend.
  • mojo ful [moh-joh-fuhl] (adj.) Filled with (or exuding) strength, spirit, and all things mojo.
  • mojo morsels [moh-joh mawr-suhl] (n) Inspirational tidbits and words of wisdom to feed your mojo.
  • mojo musings [moh-joh myoo-zings] / (n) Reflections, ideas, and resources featured on our website and blog to inspire, motivate, encourage and keep you connected to your mojo.
  • mojosphere [moh-joh-sfeer] (n) An online destination where you'll find comprehensive, powerful resources geared toward restoration, renewal, rejuvenation and inspiration when you're seeking to discover and recover your mojo. See also Syn. Website.
  • mojo vangelists [moh-joh-van-juh-lists] (n) People whose lives have been profoundly affected by Mojo Associates; those who are so "mad about mojo" that they just cannot contain their enthusiasm and joy, and so must tell the world.

What our mojovangelists say

“After experiencing Lisa Stefan’s coaching abilities, I am what you would call ‘blown away’ with the self realizations she led me to discover. I did not expect that anyone could be so completely focused on what was important for ME in the moment. My vision for my own future is greatly expanded, and I am grateful to Lisa for supporting me in making it happen.”

~ G.L.D., Business Owner

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Mike is an accomplished trainer and facilitator with a very simple motto - first, success is a great motivator; second, success can’t be taught; third, success needs to be experienced. He creates an environment through his work for experiential success. This is Mike’s story...

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Lisa Stefan

Lisa Stefan

Lisa is an accomplished coach and trainer who champions others to discover and leverage their full potential. She excels at guiding people in the quest for their mojo. When Lisa taps into her mojo, she’s “all-in” and plays “full-out.” This is Lisa’s story...

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